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About Us

Welcome to our LOTINAO wooden statues online store! Our website www.lotinao.com sells online.

LOTINAO is a company that specializes in creating high quality wooden statues. Since its inception, we have been dedicated to creating unique and gorgeous statues with handcrafted art. We pay attention to detail and perfection in each of our works in order to present the most perfect results. Now, we have developed into an influential brand and our products have been recognized and praised by our customers and exported to all over the world.

Our carvers have years of experience and a high level of skill to create a variety of amazing works. In our store, you can find a wide range of beautiful wooden statues, including figures, animals, flowers and more. Our statues are completely hand-carved, so each piece is unique.

We can also create specific customized statues to suit your needs, creating a custom craft just for you. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and the best service, and to offering our customers beautiful wooden statues at the best prices.

LOTINAO's goal is to make it possible for people to enjoy beautiful artwork in their own homes. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful living and working environment, and we can provide you with beautiful statues to help you create a comfortable, warm and beautiful space. At the same time, we also hope we can convey a spirit of harmony, composure and determination through our wooden statues, bringing you pleasure and confidence.

Thank you very much for choosing our LOTINAO wooden statues online store, we hope to bring you more pleasure and satisfaction through our products and services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will be happy to serve you. Our customer service email is: hezizi0215@gmail.com.

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